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Vatican II’s “Declaration on Catholic Education” discusses Catholic colleges and universities: “Thus there is accomplished a public, enduring and pervasive influence of the Christian mind in the furtherance of culture.” The Centre for Catholic Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, since its establishment in 2005, has been undertaking the mission of inspiring the minds of young people and adults with the Catholic intellectual and spiritual tradition so that the Catholic tradition has an open and clear presence in the formation of culture. Last year, the Jesuit Chinese Province joined the Centre’s management committee, enhancing more momentum to the Centre. The Centre, recognizing the signs of the times, takes the promotion of justice and forgiveness as the mission today in Hong Kong. Our Centre is working in the historical process and cannot be immune from economic pressure. Your funds support us to continue our mission and preserve the Catholic presence in the university in new and innovative ways.


You may provide general support for the Centre’s programs or direct your gift to a specific area, such as:

  • Endowment Support for the long-term security of the Centre
  • Research Projects:
    (i) Oral History Research of the Hong Kong Federation of Catholic Studies
    (ii) Social Reconciliation Project

    (iii) Spiritual Growth and Catholic Social Teaching Project
  • Public lectures, Academic Conferences
  • Publications and Translation
  • Visiting Scholars


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